Useful Links

Area of Trapezoids                                          Area of trapezoids         

Khan Academy Area of Trapezoids          

Powers of ten                                                   Khan Academy Powers of Ten  


Tower of Hanoi                                                 Tower of Hanoi

NCTM Illuminations                                        Illuminations     

                                                                                Illuminations Interactive Grades 6 - 8     

Mathematics Using Games                   

Looking for Patterns

An addition grid with a range of investigations that promote the identifying and describing of patterns, an essential part of the problem solving process.

Password Possibilities

A mathematical investigation based on the context of a forgotten mobile phone password.

 The Twelve Days of Christmas

A great range of activities to keep students engaged at the end of the year!

The Travel Game

Free game instructions, gameboard, and blank template so students can design their own games.

 The Arrays Game

A game that promotes multiplicative thinking using arrays.

 Blast off!

Two games that use pattern blocks to help to build students’ understanding of place value.


Figure This!                                         Figure This!


Why Do Math                                    Why Do Math   

Kids Graphing Page                         Kids create graphs

Quia –                                         

Under rational numbers  - Convert between decimals and fractions

Maximize Area                                  maximize area of a rectangle

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