Computer Essentials- Syllabus


Cluster:  Business, Management & Administration

Pathway:  Business, Management & Administration

Program:  Business, Management & Administration

Rudd Middle SchoolMrs. Dana Davis

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8th grade Computer Essentials is a 70-hour course (semester course) designed for students who want to master basic skills in the areas of word processing, database management, spreadsheet applications, multimedia presentations, and Internet research. Reading, mathematics, and communication skills are reinforced throughout this course.


Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) is a co-curricular component of this course.  This student organization serves as a means to enhance classroom instruction while helping students develop leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and professional growth.  If you join the FBLA organization you will get to participate in FBLA meetings, community service projects, and field trips. 


There is no prerequisite required for this course.


The course goals as listed below seek to provide the student with an introduction to technology as well as provide a complete and basic foundation of computer application skills.

Computer Essential 8th grade: Basic computer literacy, keyboarding application, computer application using multimedia, word processing and spreadsheet application, database application, integrated application, career exploration, ethical and beneficial uses for technology including the Internet.



I.               Computer Hardware and Software

  1.  Data Input Skills
  2.  Word Processing Applications
  3.  Spreadsheet Applications
  4.  Database Applications
  5.  Presentation Applications
  6.  Internet Applications
  7.  Career Opportunities
  8.  Ethics
  9.  Workplace Skills


Unit: Computer Basics

EQ: How do you use computer hardware and software? What is an operating system and how is it used? What is a network?

EQ: What are some basic routine computer and printer maintenance procedures?

Unit: Keyboarding:

EQ: What is the proper technique to develop speed and accuracy? ***

Unit: Word Processing Applications

EQ: How do you professionally create, edit, and develop business documents? What is this process important? ***

Unit: Spreadsheet Applications

EQ: How do spreadsheet applications simplify data commonly used in business settings? How is a formula used in a worksheet? How do you create charts?

Unit: Database Applications

EQ: How to database applications organize data commonly used in business settings?

Unit: Presentation Applications

EQ: How is multimedia software used to enhance informational presentations?

Unit: Internet Applications

EQ: How is the Internet used in business? What criteria should a person or business use in selecting hardware and software in various environments? Why are these criteria important?

Unit: Career Opportunities

EQ: How are self-assessments beneficial in career planning? What is your self-assessment ranking and how will it help you in the future? What IT professions are available in the market that is for entry level candidates? ***

Unit: Technology

EQ: What is the impact on society of information technology?

Unit: Ethics

EQ: How do emerging technologies and innovations affect your cultural, social, economic, environmental, and political life?

CERTIFICATION: Leads to IC3, Students will work towards credentialing in high school.

ASSESSMENT/GRADING PROCEDURES: Student attendance is very important since class work is graded daily.  Daily class work assessment will be based on student participation and individual completion of assignments and projects.  Group activities will enable those students who need assistance to receive it. The use of various procedures ensures that students of all abilities can be successful.  

75%- Assessment, 25%- Class work


     90-100/A, 80-89/B, 70-79/C, 60-69/D, Below 60/F


Make up work is the responsibility of each student and the guidelines in the Student Handbook are strictly enforced. 

 FEES/DUES:  Make check payable to:    Rudd Middle School

*Include a phone number, driver’s license number and the students ID number.

     Fee for the course is            $12.50 (required) and is due by September 9, 2016

     Dues for FBLA                      $8.00 (optional) and is due by September 9, 2016


The Jefferson County School System’s Student Code of Conduct and Rudd Middle School Rules will be the guide for student conduct in this class.  If a student is displaying inappropriate behavior disciplinary action will be taken.


The Internet will be used in class to complete classroom activities/projects and daily bell work.  Jefferson County Schools’ Internet usage policies apply to the usage of the Internet in this lab.  No student should use the Internet without prior permission from the teacher.  If a student violates the policies set forth by the school or the teacher, the student will lose his/her Internet privileges, which could in turn affect their grade.  They will also be subject to discipline measures.  See the Jefferson County Code of Conduct for further information. 

Students are responsible for notifying the teacher of any irregularities as soon as they are aware of them.  Students will be held liable for any and all damages done to the computers except for reasonable wear from use.    

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1.     All CELL PHONES should be in the student’s locker between 8-3.  Cell phones are not needed in this computer classes.  If a student is caught on a cell phone in class, it will be taken up and turned into the office. 

  1. All assignments are to be done at school!  NOT AT HOME!
  2. Come to class prepared everyday.  Bring your folder and a PEN
  3. Absolutely no gum, candy items, food, or drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
  4. Turn in all assignments on time and in your correct tray. 
  5. Come to class and get logged on immediately so that you will be ready to key.
  6. DO NOT write on the desks, books or mouse pads.
  7. Please take notes in class and ask questions if you do not understand.
  8. DO NOT play with the computers.  They are extremely expensive.
  9. There will be a seating chart.  Do not switch seats without my approval.
  10. Printing any assignments other than school assignments is prohibited.
  11. DO NOT download any extra programs to the computer.

    Do not play Internet games or listen to Internet music.

  12. DO NOT visit any Internet sites without my approval.
  13. Please leave the lab the way you found it.  Do not make any adjustments to the monitor or printer without permission. 




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