Student Handbook 2016-2017

Principal’s Message

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Rudd Middle School.  The faculty, staff and administration are eager to work with your children and you, as parents, to ensure our students enjoy a successful year of learning.  Research has shown that students whose parents are involved in their education perform better academically than those whose parents are not.  We invite all parents to join the PTA and become actively involved in your child’s middle school years.

This student handbook/agenda contains very important information regarding workings of Rudd Middle School.  It is imperative that both students and parents read the information provided in the handbook.  Students are expected to abide by all rules, policies and procedures outlined in this handbook as well as the Jefferson County Board of Education Student Code of Conduct.  The rules and policies are established for the welfare and safety of the entire student body.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided in the handbook, feel free to call the school and speak with an administrator, counselor, teacher or secretary. It takes the cooperation of parents, students, staff and community to accomplish our goal to ensure Rudd Middle School is a place where your children receive the education they deserve.  Communication is the key to ensure the success of our TEAM approach.  Join our team and assist us in ensuring our students a successful future.


Susan Slaney – Principal

William Conyers – Assistant Principal

James Coleman – Assistant Principal



School’s Purpose

  • The mission of Rudd Middle Schools is to encourage students to persevere through academic challenges associated with rigorous standards through collaboration with other students, teachers, parents, and community.
  • The vision of Rudd Middle School is to create a safe, structured environment that encourages respect, and values of each individual learner while implementing an academically challenging curriculum that fosters intellectual curiosity.

Contacting School Personnel

In order to handle your concerns in the most effective and efficient manner, we ask that you direct your calls to the following school personnel:

  • Principal................................. Susan Slaney
  • Assistant Principal............ William Conyers (6th Grade, Biloxi)
  • Assistant Principal.............. James Coleman (Cherokee, 8th Grade)
  • Counselors............................ Cynthia Cates (Choctaw, 7th Grade)

                                          Shannon Higgins(Chicasaw, 8th Grade)                                                                                                                             

  • Attendance/Change of Address Linda White
  • Front Desk/Lunch Applications Lori Glover
  • Office Coordinator and Fees.... Carol Davis
  • Athletic Director............ Shell-Lee Dawkins
  • Lunchroom Manager............ Debbie Spitzer

2015-2016 PTA

Our Parent Teacher Association focus at Rudd Middle School is “Positive Thinking Always.”  The goal of the PTA is to ensure our children receive the highest advantages on physical, mental and social education by fostering a closer relationship between the school and community.  We are active and growing.  We invite you to join and become part of the team.

PTA Executive Offices

Principal............................................. Susan Slaney

President........................................ Michelle Trucks

Co-VP of Fundraising.................... Christina Eshghi

Co-VP of Fundraising.................... Amanda Collins

Co-VP of Programs................................ Julie Ryan

Co-VP of Programs...................... Amy VanHooser

Co-VP of Membership...................... Amy Bowden

Co-VP of Membership........................... Jami Potter

Secretary....................................... Lea Ann Lemley

Treasurer.............................................. Teri McGee


SCHOOL Holidays

2016 - 2017

August 11

First Day for Students

September 5

Labor Day (Schools/Offices Closed)

October 7

End of 1st Nine Weeks

October 10

Teacher Work Day

October 28

Professional Development Day

November 11

Veteran’s Day (Schools/Offices Closed)

November 21-25

Thanksgiving Holidays (Schools/Offices Closed)

December 20

End of 1st Semester/Last day for students

December 21

Teacher Work day

December 22-January 4

Mid-Year Holidays (Schools Closed)

January 5-6

Professional Development Days

January 9

Students return to school

January 16

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Schools/Offices Closed)

February 20

President’s Day

March 10

End of 9 Weeks

March 27-31

Spring Break (Schools Closed)

April 14


April 17

Professional Development Day

May (TBA)


May 25

End of 2nd Sem./Last Day for Students

May 26

Teacher Work Day

May 29

Memorial Days

(Schools/Offices Closed)

May 30,31

Weather Days


All visitors must report to the main office to sign in and receive a visitor’s tag.  Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time will be permitted only with the approval of the principal.  Students from other schools may not attend classes at Rudd with their friends.


Bell Schedule


Student Enrollment

Upon enrollment, information about each student is collected to facilitate communication and meeting the needs of each student.  All students are required to verify residence prior to actually enrolling in any Jefferson County School.  The State of Alabama requires that each student has the proper immunization forms and a social security number on file at school.

Student Withdrawal

When transferring from this school, a withdrawal form and immunization form must be obtained from the office.  All textbooks must be returned (or paid for, if lost) and any fines or charges cleared.  A copy of the permanent record will be sent to the new school upon written request from that school.  Parents must sign a release form at the new school before Rudd Middle School can release the records.  Special education records will be handled in a similar manner.


Regular attendance is essential to academic progress and success.  Students should not be absent except in cases of illness or extreme emergencies.  Students must bring a written excuse from the parent/guardian or doctor and turn it in to their first period teacher on the first day back at school.  Students with excused absences shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time from the day they return to school to make up any missed assignments.  Students are responsible for making up work they have missed due to absences.  (Please read the section entitled “Assignments Requested” for further guidelines regarding lengthy absences and the requests for assignments.)

Failure Due to

Excessive Absences Policy

Any student accumulating more than eighteen (18) absences that are not covered by a DOCTOR’S EXCUSE will fail for the semester or year due to these excessive absences.  If a student is sick, it is in his or her best interest to obtain a doctor’s excuse to avoid violation of this policy.

Checking-In or Checking-Out

School begins each day at 7:55 AM.   Any student arriving after 7:55 must check-in through the office with a parent or legal guardian to sign the student into school.  The student must receive a tardy slip or admission slip to go to class from the office.  If it is necessary for the student to leave school during the day, a parent or legal guardian MUST come to the office to sign the student out of school.  No student will be allowed to leave school during school hours unless the office has special permission from the parent or legal guardian.  If someone other than the parent or legal guardian is to pick up a student, we must have permission signed by the parent or guardian, or the person’s name must be on the student’s enrollment card.  Any check-in/check-out will prevent the student from receiving a perfect attendance certificate.

School Arrival

When students arrive at school in the morning, they are to immediately report to their designated area: breakfast diners – cafeteria, 8th graders – gym, 7th graders – cafeteria, 6th graders – commons area. Students will be dismissed to first period at 7:45 by faculty on duty.  Students found outside their assigned area before school without written permission will be disciplined for failure to report to their assigned area which is a Class II.

School Dismissal

All students are dismissed by a bell at 3:00. 2nd load bus students are to report to the cafeteria and car riders are to report to the car rider line.  Any student failing to report to their designated area after school faces the possibility of missing their ride home and/or disciplinary action.  We will not call buses back if a student misses his/her bus.  Their parents will have to arrange alternate means of transportation.

Car Riders

Students who are picked up by cars should report immediately to the “car riders’” area after the dismissal bell.  Students should remain orderly and not engage in any behavior that might endanger themselves or other students while waiting to be picked up.  Car riders wishing to leave school by any means other than normal must bring a note from their parent/guardian to school.  This note must be turned in to the office immediately upon arriving at school in the morning.  Failure to follow procedures will result in denial of permission to leave school in such a way and could result in disciplinary action being taken.

School Bus Procedures

Safety is our first concern.  A student being transported in county-owned vehicles is required to comply with the Student Code of Conduct.  Any student who fails to comply with the rules of conduct while on school transportation may be denied transportation services and shall be subject to disciplinary action. 

If the need for a student’s suspension from the bus arises, an effort will be made to notify the parent/guardian in writing prior to the time the suspension takes effect. 

No student may ride any bus on any day other than the bus to which he/she is assigned without prior consent of a school administrator.  Administrators will place a student on another bus if there is an emergency or in case of mechanical problems.

Students wishing to ride the bus home with another student must provide a written notice from their parent.  The written notice must contain a phone number where this can be verified.  The note must be turned in to the office immediately upon arriving at school in the morning.  Otherwise, students may not ride a bus they are not zoned to ride.

Students who ride a second load bus must report immediately to the lunchroom after school.  Students in bus study are under the same rules, regulations and procedures as the regular school day.  Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action.


All textbooks are the property of the State and County Boards of Education.  The teacher is responsible for writing the student’s name in the proper place.  No other writing should be done in or on non-consumable textbooks.  It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with his/her textbook.  The student must pay the whole cost of replacing the book if it is lost or damaged.  A price list for textbooks is located in the school office.  Before another textbook will be issued, the student must show the receipt to the teacher who originally issued the book.  Textbooks which have been paid for and are later located should be turned in to the office.  Refunds will be made up to two weeks after payment is received if the student has kept the original receipt. 

The State of Alabama provides only one textbook per student.  An At-Home set of textbooks will not be issued to ANY student.  If available, textbooks on CD will be issued upon parent request but the cost of replacing a lost or damaged textbook CD is the full purchase price of the printed textbook regardless of year of adoption.

Technology in the Classroom

All students attending Rudd Middle School have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology.  Students have access to innovative programs on discs and through the Internet.  In order for a student to have permission to use the Internet with teacher supervision, the parent/guardian and student must sign and return the “Internet Use Agreement”. 

Check Acceptance Policy

We, at Rudd, gladly accept your checks.  Please include the following on your check: full name, street address, phone numbers and driver’s license number. When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us either to use information from the check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction.  You authorize us to collect a fee through an electronic fund transfer from your account if your payment is returned unpaid. 

Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed after each nine-week grading period ends.  The purpose of the report card is to acquaint the parent with the student’s progress.  The parent’s signature will indicate that the parent has seen and reviewed the report card.  Please return the report card within two days after it is issued.  If a report card is lost, a replacement card will be issued at a cost of $1.00.

There are four nine-week grading periods.  (See the school calendar earlier in this handbook for dates when each grading period ends.)  Progress reports will be sent home with the student during the fourth and seventh week of each nine-week grading period.  Parents are expected to sign and return the progress report within two school days.  Progress Reports are intended to give parents an idea of the student’s performance at that time.  Students are responsible for taking home and returning their progress report to their teacher.

Grading and Reporting Procedures














* An Incomplete grade MUST be cleared as soon as possible.


Homework assignments are a very important part of the total school program. While homework assignments are the major responsibility of the student, it is very important for the parent to check to see that homework is done. Use of this agenda is a proven way to accomplish this goal.  Homework should supplement, compliment and reinforce classroom instruction and learning. The best way to make sure all homework assignments are completed is for parents to check the agenda daily.

Nine-Week Tests

Students in grades 6-8 will not take semester exams. Instead, Rudd students will take benchmark exams on Scantron. The tests will be given during the regular class period. Teacher teams will schedule tests for their students. Students will attend other classes during the days when the tests are given.

Each nine-weeks, teachers will perform a textbook check at least one week prior to testing to ensure each student is maintaining his/her textbook(s).  Before a nine-week test may be taken by a student, he/she must clear up any issue with lost or damaged textbooks through the office.

Assignments Requested

During lengthy absences (more than three days), parents should call the office to request assignments from teachers and make arrangements to pick up the assignments. These assignments should be handed to the teacher upon returning to class. Students are to request makeup assignments from their teachers the day they return to class. Students should also request a definite due date for makeup assignments to be completed and turned in. Teachers will use discretion in situations with extenuating circumstances. If a student fails to turn in makeup assignments by the due date specified, a zero will be given. Students shall receive credit for satisfactory makeup work after an absence, but shall receive a zero for an assignment or test not made up within the allotted time. Students who are absent due to disciplinary suspensions are required to makeup all assignments or tests during the length of the suspension.


Parents are encouraged to make appointments with their child's teachers anytime they feel it is necessary. If you have a concern, question, or problem regarding a classroom situation, contact your child’s teacher first. If after talking to the teacher, you need further assistance call a counselor or an administrator.

If parents or guardians will call the school counselor at 379-5300, appointments will be scheduled at the earliest convenient time. In an effort to establish better communication between parents and teachers, it is the teacher's responsibility to notify parents of students who are having academic difficulties. This notification should occur at the four week point of the nine-week period.

Cumulative Records

Each school maintains a cumulative record on each student. In this cumulative record, all report cards, state testing data and incidental reports are filed. This record begins when a child enters kindergarten and follows that student throughout his/her school career.


Personal lockers are provided for storage of books, notebooks, gym clothes, and lunches. They are not intended to be strong boxes for money or other valuable items. Only those items essential for the student's education should be brought to school. The lockers are provided for student convenience. The student, not the school is responsible for items lost or stolen from them. Students must keep their lockers locked (not "rigged"), keep their combinations confidential and not allow others to use or have access to their lockers. The student to whom the locker is issued is responsible for any and all items found in the locker.


Students are responsible for conducting themselves properly as listed in the Jefferson County Board of Education Student Code of Conduct:

  • Attend all classes daily and be punctual in attendance.
  • Be prepared by bringing appropriate work materials to class.
  • Be respectful to all individuals and property.
  • Refrain from the use of profane or inflammatory statements.
  • Conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Be clean and neat.
  • Be responsible for their own work and actions.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the school and each classroom teacher.
  • Seek changes in an orderly and recognized manner.
  • Attendance at school sponsored events may be denied for disciplinary reasons.


Gum is a health hazard, unsightly, and expensive to clean up.  It is not allowed at Rudd Middle School.  Violations may result in disciplinary action.

Guidelines for Dress and Grooming

Students and parents should make themselves very familiar with these guidelines. Students not meeting dress code will be detained in the office until suitable clothes can be brought from home. It is an inconvenience that can be avoided by checking clothes before leaving home. Remember dress code violations are by choice; no one is forcing students to dress in a way that is in violation of the dress code. If there is doubt an article of clothing is in violation of the dress code, it should not be worn to school. Dress code violations are considered a Class I offense according to the Jefferson County Board of Education Student Code of Conduct.  Repeated refusal to adhere to the school dress code may result in a Class II offense and suspension from school.

  1. Hats, caps, headbands, sweat bands, hair picks, bandanas, visors, and sunglasses must be removed and placed in the locker or designated area and remain during the school day.
  2. Hair must be clean and well groomed, and should not impair vision. Boys' hair must not touch the collar of a T-shirt (rounded, crew‑neck), when measured at full length (i.e., loose or unpinned). Male students with facial hair must keep it neat and well groomed. No hairstyle, hair color, body piercing, clothing, decorative dental appliances (whether permanent or temporary), decorative contact lenses, or other article which is disruptive to the learning environment or which identifies a student as being a member of a gang or any subversive or unlawful organization will be allowed. Any hairstyle that would impair the vision of male or female students would be a violation of this policy.
  3. Earrings may be worn.  Except for the normal piercing of the ears and wearing of earrings that do not distract or draw unnecessary attention, the wearing of other body piercing jewelry is not allowed, including but not limited to the tongue, nose, or eyebrow.  Band‑aids may not be worn to conceal unauthorized jewelry. If it is determined by a school principal or designee that allowable earrings or jewelry worn by a student may become a safety hazard in an activity such as physical education, science laboratory, athletics, etc., the student shall remove such ornamentation.
  4. Students are to wear clothing in the manner for which it is designed. No clothing shall be worn inside out; suspenders/braces shall be fastened and belts buckled. Pants must be worn at the waist.  School administration may require that shirts and blouses be tucked in and coats be removed upon entering the building
  5. Sun dresses and backless dresses or tops will be worn with a jacket or appropriate covering. (Jacket or covering may not be sheer or mesh).
  6. Cutoff tops, tank tops, and mesh tops can be worn if a T-shirt with sleeves is worn underneath or another shirt is worn over the top. (Cover shirt or undershirt may not be sheer or mesh).
  7. Students must wear proper undergarments.
  8. Halter tops, tube tops, and midriff tops are not allowed.  Midriffs and sides must be covered.
  9. Bracelets, belts, and other clothing and accessories with spikes, studs, or chains are not allowed.
  10. Insignias, buttons, and clothing which are suggestive of wine, beer, whiskey, tobacco, vulgarities and violence, are drug‑related, or are demeaning to other persons may not be worn at school.
  11. Jeans and other articles of clothing must be clean with no open holes above the knee.  No shredded jeans will be allowed.
  12. Sweat pants and jogging pants are allowed as long as they are properly fitted. Clothing must be worn over leggings/jeggings or tights and must be of appropriate length (no shorter than mid-thigh).
  13. Articles of clothing must be appropriate for school wear. Skirts, dresses, and shorts may be no shorter than four inches above the top of the knee, except that students in grades K‑3 may wear shorts appropriate for school.  Slits in skirts must meet the four inches above the knee regulation. Clothing worn over leggings/jeggings or tights must be of appropriate length (no shorter than four inches above the top of the knee)
  14. Clothing shall not be so tight or so loose as to be overly revealing, a disruption to the school environment or a safety concern.
  15. Shoes appropriate to the school setting, with student safety the primary concern, must be worn at all times.
  16. Book bags/back packs and athletic bags must be placed in the locker or designated area and remain there during the school day. Back packs/book bags may not have wheels unless written approval is given by a physician due to medical reasons.
  17. Trench coats may not be worn to school.
  18. No chain used as a belt or jewelry may be worn.
  19. Purses may not be taken to any class and must remain in a locker during class (this includes PE).

Any student who fails to dress appropriately will not be allowed to attend class until proper clothing can be secured.  If necessary, parents will be called to bring proper clothes to school.  Until proper clothing can be secured, the student will be isolated and will be responsible for all class work missed. Nonconformity to the dress code is a Class I offense.

Due Process

Students are accorded Due Process under JefCoEd Policy 446. In cases where disciplinary action is taken, school administrators will do the following:

  • Investigate the charges against the student.
  • Explain the charges against the student.
  • Give the student an opportunity to present his/her side of the conflict fully and fairly.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment may be used as provided by the Jefferson County Board of Education Student Code of Conduct.

Afternoon Detention

A student may be placed in afternoon detention as means of disciplinary action.  A disciplinary notice will be sent home with the student when detention is assigned.  Afternoon detention begins promptly at 3:05 PM and ends at 5:00 PM.  Doors will be locked promptly at 3:05 and any student arriving after the doors have been locked will not be admitted.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent to arrange transportation for drop off for detention.  Any disciplinary problems occurring while in morning detention will result in suspension from school.   Failure to arrive on time for detention or failure to attend assigned detention may result in SUSPENSION from school.

Saturday Detention

Students may be assigned to Saturday Detention as a means of disciplinary action.  A disciplinary notice will be sent home with the student when detention is assigned. Saturday Detention runs from 7:30 AM until 11:30 AM.  Students must be dropped off and in the detention classroom prior to 7:30 AM.  Failure to arrive on time or to attend Saturday Detention will result in SUSPENSION from school.  Students must be picked up by parents promptly at the conclusion of detention. Any disciplinary problems occurring while in Saturday Detention may result in a SUSPENSION from school.

Rules and Guidelines

for Detention

Each student should have his/her classroom assignments or other work before entering detention. A school board employee will supervise the detention at all times. At the discretion of an administrator, students may be assigned work detail with custodial supervision outside regular school hours. The rules and guidelines listed below will apply to detention:

  1. Detention begins at 3:05 PM for afternoon detention and 7:30 AM for Saturday Detention in a designated room.  Students reporting late to detention will not be allowed to attend and are considered skipping detention.
  2. Students must bring appropriate study materials (textbooks, dictionaries, notebooks, pens, etc.) Students are not allowed to visit their lockers during or after detention. Newspapers and magazines are not to be used unless they are directly related to an academic assignment.
  3. Students are not allowed to talk, sleep, eat, drink, exchange personal notes or engage in any otherwise inappropriate behavior while in detention.
  4. Students may not bring any type of food or drink to detention.
  5. Students are not allowed to leave detention after detention begins to visit the restroom or the water fountain. If a student leaves detention without an administrator's permission, he/she will not be allowed to return and is considered in violation of detention rules.
  6. Students are expected to adhere to all Code of Conduct rules, including dress code, while in detention.
  7. For Saturday Detention, students will exit the building and promptly leave campus when detention is over at 11:30 AM.  Because the hours of detention are 7:30-11:30 AM, prior arrangements must be made so that students are picked up at the conclusion of detention.  Students not picked up within 15 minutes of the conclusion of detention will be required to serve another Saturday detention.
  8. Students are not allowed to make-up tests or visit teachers during detention.
  9. Roll will be taken at the beginning and conclusion of detention.
  10. Students who break any of these or any other Jefferson County Code of Conduct rule will be asked to leave, the detention time will not be counted and further disciplinary action will be taken.
  11. Arrangements must be made by the parents prior to the detention date to reschedule the time if there is a conflict. 
  12. As detention is held outside of regular school hours, all parents should note the school telephones are not monitored before or during detention times.  Leaving a message for an absence from detention is NOT an excused absence.
  13. Detention may be rescheduled one time IF arrangements are made by the parent prior to the day of assigned detention. 
  14. It is the child’s responsibility to take all disciplinary correspondence home to the parent and it is the parent’s responsibility to make arrangements for transporting a child to detention and/or rescheduling a detention prior to the date of the detention.
  15. Sending a note to school after detention has been left or calling and leaving a message before or after detention in NO WAY releases the student from the detention.

Cell Phones

Students are allowed to possess cell phones at school.  Any student who is caught using the cell phone without the permission of the school administration will face disciplinary action under the Code of Conduct; the cell phone will be confiscated and held until a parent/guardian comes to school to pick-up the phone.  Cell phones being used for reasons other than instructional will be taken up and turned into the office.  Cell Phones WILL NOT be returned to the student for any reason. A parent may come in to pick up the cell phone after 8:00 AM on the following regular school day.  Parents/Guardians must come in person to the school on a regular school day between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM to retrieve all personal items taken up at school.  Students will not be allowed to use the phone to call unless there is an emergency and having his/her cell phone taken up is not an emergency. Rudd Middle School is not responsible for any student’s cell phone brought to school nor will school personnel conduct searches for any lost or stolen cell phones.

Search and Seizure

The principal or other authorized school officials may conduct a search and seizure. Searches and seizures apply to school property, school lockers, private automobiles on campus and students. This also applies to school-sponsored activities away from school.  Periodic visits to the school will be made by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Canine Unit to check for illegal items.   

School Resource Officer

The Jefferson County Board of Education and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department are working collaboratively in making our schools safer places for our students. Each school is assigned a resource officer that will spend time in the school. This deputy will help and assist where needed.


School counselors are available to assist students with social, family, emotional and academic concerns. Parents may call the counselors as needed at 379-5300.

Personal Property

Items such as cell phones, electronic games, cameras, tape/CD players, trading cards, yo-yos or any other such item should not be brought to school unless specifically requested by a teacher. These items will be taken up and sent to the Assistant Principal’s office. The school will not be responsible for these items. Parents/guardians should make arrangements within 24 hours to pick up such items between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on a normal school day.  Items not picked up within one week may be donated to charity. School personnel WILL NOT conduct searches for ANY lost/stolen cell phones, I-Pods, MP3 players, digital cameras or any other personal item. 

Lost and Found

Students should safeguard books, articles of clothing, etc., at all times. The three designated areas for lost items are located in the office, the stage in the cafeteria and the gym.

Hall Passes

Students must secure a hall pass to be in the hallway during class instruction time. Students who are in the hallway without a pass (or at any other destination other than written on the pass) are subject to disciplinary action.  Students found in the hall without a written pass will be considered tardy and required to get a tardy pass to be admitted into class.

Personal Deliveries

Gifts to students such as balloons, candy, flowers, etc. cannot be delivered to the school. Any personal gifts arriving at the school will be returned to the vendor.

Office Telephones

In order to use the phone, a student must have a written pass from his/her teacher or permission from the office personnel.  Students should not come to the office between classes to use the phone without a written pass.  In the event that a student is sick, a call home will be made from the health room. Students will not be called to the telephone nor removed from class to talk with a parent or other person unless the situation is deemed an emergency by an administrator. Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the parent and should be made prior to the start of the school day.

Medication at School

The Jefferson County Board of Education policy regarding students taking medication at school is as follows:

  1. The parent must submit a WRITTEN request to the Health Room to administer medication. This request must give exact instructions. A form for this purpose will be provided.
  2. All medication sent to school must be in a container labeled with the doctor’s name, student’s name, name of the medicine, the amount of medication to be taken, and the specific time it is to be taken. This label must also clearly display the name and the telephone number of the dispensing pharmacy.
  3. All medication will be kept in and dispensed from the health room. Students should bring the medication to the office immediately upon arriving at school. The office will give the medication to the health room. Students must come to the health room when it is time to take the medication.
  4. Medication will be kept in the health room for the following: allergic reactions, emergency situations or drugs which must be administered on a regular basis for extended periods of time.
  5. Because of the lack of first-aid facilities, only minor first aid can be administered.

Students should AT NO TIME have any medication (prescription or nonprescription) in their possession without written administrative permission from the principal or assistant principal. A VIOLATION OF THIS POLICY MAY BE CONSIDERED A CLASS III OFFENSE.

Health Room

Students MUST have a pass to report to the health room. Medicine brought to school must be taken to the office as soon as it is brought on campus. No student should have medicine (prescription or nonprescription) in their possession while on campus. All phone calls to parents concerning sickness should be made from the health room.

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, please listen to local radio and television stations for school information for the Jefferson County School District. The superintendent calls the media first so that schools and parents all receive the news at once. If school must be dismissed due to bad weather, regular bus routes will be followed unless other information is given by the media. All practices, games and extracurricular activities are canceled if school is closed due to inclement weather.  When applicable, the Jefferson County School system and Rudd Middle School will make use of an automated notification system called SchoolMessenger to send out important notifications.  It is imperative that parents maintain accurate contact information at school to ensure the system works.

Emergency Warnings

FIRE DRILLS:  A rapid succession of three (3) short rings of the bell means a fire drill is underway. Students shall leave the building quickly and orderly according to directions for that area of the building. Students should leave space outside for those classes that come later. When the drill is over, the bell will ring. Students will return immediately to the classroom. Students should remain with their class during the entire time of the fire drill.

TORNADO DRILL: In case of a weather disaster alert, the signal is one (1) long ring of the bell. Students will go to the designated place as instructed by the teacher and remain until the “all clear” bell is sounded.

LOCKDOWN:  In the event an intruder alert has been issued, office staff will announce via intercom that the school will enter into SHELTER IN PLACE at once.  Teachers will immediately initiate Lockdown Procedures and all exterior school doors will be locked.  When the alert has passed, office staff will announce “all clear” via intercom to resume normal school operations.

Assemblies, Dances, and Athletic Spectator Events

A student’s conduct in assemblies, dances and other extracurricular activities must meet the same standard as in the classroom.   Behavior problems at these activities may result in the student being asked to leave (without refund) and/or possible disciplinary action (including denial of attendance at future activities). Remember, when you are attending a school- sponsored activity, you are under school jurisdiction and are subject to all rules and regulations found in the Jefferson County Board of Education Student Code of Conduct. To be eligible for attendance/participation for such activities, a student must be at school (or have checked in no later than 11:30 AM) on the day of (or day before if on weekend) the activity and all disciplinary action must be cleared or administrative permission granted. 

Assemblies/Pep Rallies

The assembly is a definite part of the school program. All students will attend assembly programs unless administrative permission is granted.

Appropriate behavior is expected at all assembly programs. Misbehavior may result in removal, disciplinary action and/or denial of attendance to future programs.

Athletic Events

At home athletic events, the visiting team and game officials are our guests, and they are to be treated with respect at all times. No student under suspension may attend any school event at or away from school.

At the end of all school-sponsored events, it is imperative that parents/guardians be on time to pick up their child. Athletic contests are approximately 1 ½ HOURS in length. It is the parents’ responsibility to pick the student up on time; failure to do so may result in the student being prohibited from school-sponsored activities in the future.

Rudd Middle School students attending any program at the JCCLC are not eligible to participate in school athletic events, dances or assemblies unless prior permission is given by a Rudd Middle School administrator.

School Lunchroom

Our lunchroom staff works to provide nutritious, well-balanced meals for students, faculty, staff and visitors. A check which includes the student’s lunch number and made payable to Rudd Middle School should be given monthly or at the first of the week. Rudd Middle School participates in the federal government’s free or reduced price lunch program. An application for this program is given to each student at the beginning of each school year. Applications are also available in the school office. Completed applications should be turned into the school office.

Lunchroom Rules: The lunchroom should be a place where everyone can enjoy his/her meals in pleasant surroundings. Students should observe the following rules of courteous behavior:

  • Students should walk with their teacher in an orderly manner and be on time!
  • All students must enter through their assigned door.
  • All students wishing to eat a school lunch must go immediately to the serving line. No one is permitted to sit down or wait for the line to go down unless they have brought a lunch from home.
  • All students are to be courteous! No pushing, breaking line, or crowding up will be allowed.
  • Students must sit in their assigned areas.
  • Students should clear their tables when finished and their teachers should make sure they do so.
  • Students should wait to be dismissed to take trays to the window, walk in a single file line, and dispose of all items as requested by the lunchroom staff. Food and drinks are not to be taken back to the table.
  • Students serve themselves in the cafeteria with amount specific utensils.  If students take a second portion of any food item, they must pay for the additional portion.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed outside the lunchroom.
  • Teachers and students are to leave at their assigned time because others must be served.
  • Due to state guidelines, soft drinks are not permitted in the lunchroom for students at any time.

GOOD BEHAVIOR, COURTESY, PUNCTUALITY, and SMILES WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Those who become part of the problem of not keeping the lunchroom clean and orderly will become a part of the solution to making it clean and orderly!

Meal Prices

Breakfast:        Students                       $1.50

                        JefCoEd Employees    $1.75

                        Other Adults                $2.25

Lunch:             Students                       $2.30

                        JefCoEd Employee      $3.00

                        Other Adults                $4.25

                        Extra Milk                    $0.30

Library Media Services

The Rudd Middle School Library serves as an extension of the classroom. Here students may pursue research or enjoy individual reading. It is necessary to follow these guidelines when using the library.

  1. A student may check out two books at a time plus others as needed. If an assignment requires more, exceptions can be made.
  2. Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed for another two weeks. A student must bring the book to the library in order to renew it.
  3. Students are encouraged to keep up with the date a book is due and turn it in on time.
  4. The overdue fine is $0.05 per school day. This is not charged over the weekends or on holidays.
  5. Reference books, i.e. encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc., may be checked out overnight ONLY. The overdue fine for reference books is $0.25 per school day.
  6. The student is responsible for returning the library book to the library in good condition. If a book is lost or damaged while it is checked out to a student, that student must pay for the book.
  7. A $1.00 fine will be charged if a book’s computer barcode label is tampered with in any way.
  8. Xerox copies can be made for the students for $0.10 per copy. Copies may be enlarged or reduced at no extra charge.
  9. A student may not check out another book until all fines are paid. If a book is lost or damaged, a student may not check out another book until the book or damages are paid. If money is still owed to the library at the end of the school year, the student’s report card will be held in the office. The report card will be released to the student or parent when the owed money is paid.
  10. Students must have permission to use the library computers. Students must sign the log provided at each computer, showing the times they begin and end using the computer. No one can access the Internet without direct supervision.
  11. The elevator is for use by students who are injured or handicapped and cannot use the stairs. A student must have permission from the principal or assistant principal to use the elevator.


The Jefferson County Board of Education thoroughly supports a strong interscholastic athletic program. Athletics promote team activity, a high degree of competition, and usually a great deal of vigorous exercise. The regulations of the Alabama State Athletic Association, the Jefferson County Junior High School Athletic Association and Rudd Middle School shall be followed. The Rudd Middle School Athletic Program includes the following team sports: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, golf, soccer, softball, track, volleyball and wrestling.


Our school encourages parental involvement in the entire school program. If you are interested in assisting, please call the school at 379-5300 or check with your child’s teachers. All volunteers must check in through the school office to secure a Visitor’s Pass.

Care of Buildings and Grounds

Every pupil should demonstrate an interest and pride in the cleanliness and appearance of our school and grounds. Our custodial staff and teachers work hard to keep our school clean, but they cannot do this work alone. By working together, we can keep our school beautiful.

Selling of Items at School

Students will not be allowed to sell any items at school other than school-sponsored fund raisers. Any items being sold and money made will be taken up and disciplinary action may be taken against the offending student.




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