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Lady Indian Volleyball

Congratulations to the following girls for making the 2017 RMS Volleyball Team.  I will be getting informational material to you guys next week on fundraising, volleyball contract, summer schedule, and payment deadlines.  We will not practice until Mid-April...I will have a calendar for you next week.  

Dairyn Bravo

Kamari Cook

Telina Davis

Kaley Fuller

Kira Gilkey

Paola Jaime

Sydney Johnson

TiKeria Jones

Ryann Jones-Richburg

Shelby Keith

Gracie Nibblett

Gabrielle Page

Abby Ruffin

Vanesa Sanchez

Natalie Sarmiento

Makiya Skipper

Genifer Smoke

Serena Strong

Anna Sullivan

Sarahn Tucker

Zoe Walker

Jada Griffin

Aniyah Preyer

Alternate:  Emme Tieman and Logan Bowden

Volleyball Tryouts for Rudd for Fall of 2017  will be on February 15 and 16th, 2017.  These tryouts are for any 6th or 7th grade girl interested in SUMMER practice and playdates in July, and August-October 1st practices and regular season.  You will need a valid sports physical to try out.  I will let you know when varsity tryouts are for upcoming Freshmen as soon as I am informed.

Congratulations to our girls for winning 3rd place in our Jefferson County Tournament.  We have certainly come a long way since August!!!  I'm so proud of how well everyone dug down and overcame injury and personal goals to become such a focused team.  

Tryouts for the 2017 team are usually in April, but to help with fundraising and summer scheduling, I will try to have them at the end of January 2017.  Valid sports physical signed by a doctor, AHSAA release form, and concussion awareness form are required....not to mention good school behavior and passing grades!!!

You will need to take the STAR Sportsmanship course, which is an online interactive video that teaches about sportsmanship.  Go to, in the middle right of the page, be sure the tab for "Quick Links" is clicked........THEN click "Star Sportsmanship" on the lower right hand side.  You will log in with our code, which is "star00428" and click OK.  You will need to register your name...please use Capital letters at the beginning of your proper name as "shell dawkins" on a certificate looks like I am in Kindergarten.  Click on "Advanced Middle School" and begin the video...if you need to leave before it is complete, then it will pick up where you left off the next time you log in using your registered name.  The process takes anywhere from 45-75 minutes.  There is now a new format (2015) so if you see "High School" then you will need to click the link at the top of the tab that says "All Other Grades."


Make sure there is a driver's license and phone number on each check.


Dear Parents and Volleyball Players,

            Congratulations on making the 2016 Rudd Volleyball team!  First things first…. CAMP and SPIRIT PACK need to be taken care of ASAP.  If you plan to attend a camp, then it is important to get your deposit in soon.   To register for the Samford individual volleyball camp, go to and follow the links to sports, volleyball, and camps for online registration for an individual camp.  If you do not have access to the website, we will make a copy of the brochure for you to mail to Samford.  Another great camp to attend Is with the Birmingham Crossplex... they are usually a three day camp run by several local college coaches.  These funds are NOT run through the school, therefore, they are your responsibility and you need to get registered with the University soon as space runs out quick this time of the year.  Camp cost is around $200 and meals are included each day at a wonderful cafeteria.  Kids in the past have really enjoyed the camp.  However, if you have other family plans during that week, you may visit other websites for their camp times. (UAB, Jacksonville State, Alabama, Auburn, Troy, Team Sting, etc. all have summer camps about the same week.)   Camp is not required, but highly recommended for the campus experience and the individual skills.  We have practices for the weeks leading to a tournament on Saturday,July 25 at Moody High School.  The first practice for our new team is Tuesday, May 5th with a Parent Meeting at  6:PM... This is also when Candle and Boston Butt orders and money are due. Once school is out for summer, practices will be after 6:PM.   




Please see or emails for updates....if you didn't receive an email on July6th, please contact so I can add you to the mailing list. Thanks bunches!!
Get your STAR tests(videos) done today... follow the instructions below.




Also check out


FROM 2014: Camp is not required, but highly recommended for the campus experience and the individual skills. Once school is out for summer, practices will be after 6:PM. Practices after the tournament will resume in July. I can post our schedule once The Board releases our county schedule. We will not have practices during “Dead Week” in July. See for those dates.


Away games are parent responsibility for transportation. We can car pool, caravan, etc. to our destination where some of you will need to meet us due to work times. We will be collecting player information so we can communicate better on transportation and such. We will leave right after school and either eat a sack lunch on the way, or stop somewhere for a light meal. We never know who will have a decently stocked concession stand for volleyball. Due to the need for so many parents to drive, please provide a copy of your license and proof of insurance. Let me know if you have any further questions. Also, for home games, we will need to provide line judges, scorekeepers, and Libero trackers, so girls will need to do duties during our games and while other teams are playing. I will have duties on a rotating schedule. Matches consist of the best 2/3 games, and game days are usually trimatches with us and two other teams. For most county games, we will play a 7/8 combined team, but I try to schedule as many days as possible with our separate “A” and “B” teams playing so that we can get more experience on the court. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Mrs. Dawkins(

Ms. Hoffman (

Our volleyball spirit packs willbe around $300, and we will sell candles and have car washes to help with personal and tournament costs, respectively.


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